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Willowra Wardilyka

Bush Turkey Jukurrpa from Willowra from PAW Media on Vimeo.

Willowra Bush Turkey Story

Story told by: Kathy Nangala Sampson, Jeannie Nampijimpa Presley, Maggie Napangardi Williams. Painted and Animated by: Marissa Nangala Brown, Renita Napanangka McCormack, Danielle Napaljarri Collins

This Jukurrpa was told in Warlpiri by senior Willowra women to the young children and  young women animators at a place nearby the Willowra community. It follows the story of a Bush Turkey that moves around in search of women. The three women artists/animators used acrylic paint on canvas to represent the Jukurrpa as a stop motion animation. They painted the path of the Bush Turkey on his journey through different camps and country connected to this Jukurrpa.

‘Wardilyka’ is the Warlpiri word for Bush Turkey