animation from PAW Media and Communications

Ngapa-puru Kalu Nyinami Yujukurla

Ngapa-puru Kalu Nyinami Yujukurla from PAW Media on Vimeo.

“Sitting in the humpy during the rain”

Created and Animated by Jason Japaljarri Woods

Story by June Napanangka Granites, Warlpiri Literature Production Centre

Produced by PAW Media and Communications, Yuendumu, NT.

English Translation by Leonard Japanangka Granites

“A man and a woman and a child are sleeping in a humpy during the rain. A fire is burning.

In the morning the man gets up. The woman and child are still sleeping. The man is making the fire.

The woman and the child wake up. There is no rain falling. The man is holding the baby. The woman goes to get water.

The man and the baby are sitting inside the humpy by the fire. The woman is going back home with the water. She goes to the fire to get warm.

The woman is cooking the damper and tea. The man and the child are inside the humpy sitting by the fire because of the cold.

The man and the woman and the child are sitting inside the humpy. They are eating the damper and drinking the tea. They are warm inside the humpy.

The sun rises. The man goes to work. The woman and child sit in the sunshine by the fire.

The woman and the child go to the shop. The mother takes the child on her shoulders. The woman will buy meat and some bread.”